Helping to find the usefulness of a proposal

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at
Thu Apr 2 04:39:56 PDT 2009

One possible way I'd like to suggest that the coin evaluation could be
helped would be to write a script to find out how frequently the
specific issue comes up in real code.

It should be possible to devise, write and run a script to find the
number of LOCs affected by many of the proposals. For example:

- strings in switch (find if else on constant strings)
- multi-catch (find duplicate catch blocks)
- elvis operator (find ternary and if else defaulting)
- for each where the iterator remove can be accessed (% of loops that
access iterator)
- for each where index is needed (% of loops that use int looping)
- method and field literals
- byte and short literals
and probably many others (I've just listed some proposals I remember)

Ideally, any script would be ASM/BCEL based, but grep style might work too.

I mention all this because I don't have the spare time to write such a
script, but if you do, then I'm sure we'd all like to run it and
discuss the results ;-)


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