Helping to find the usefulness of a proposal

Reinier Zwitserloot reinier at
Thu Apr 2 05:25:38 PDT 2009

... or resurrect it by ripping it out of netbeans. I love the idea of  
jackpot and am saddened that it is no longer a stand-alone thing.

  --Reinier Zwitserloot

On Apr 2, 2009, at 14:15, Patrick Wright wrote:

> This would be useful.
> One might be able to start by building on the infrastructure in
> Checkstyle, PMD or FindBugs for some of these. I don't know about
> FindBugs, but the other two allow you to write your own matching
> rules. Jackpot could be used as well, but it's no longer maintained as
> an independent project (now part of NB refactoring infrastructure).
> One would have to use a slightly older version of it.
> Patrick

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