Opportunity Cost and Proposal Selection

Joe Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 2 21:48:46 PDT 2009

On 04/01/09 07:33 AM, Glenn A. Marshall wrote:
> Will the details of the proposal evaluations be published?  

In general, no.  I plan to write up some general retrospective comments 
on the proposals that were and were not chosen for further consideration 
in the coming weeks.  However, there will be more detailed analysis and 
discussion to get the set of "for further consideration" proposals down 
to the final set of proposals.

> The thinking here is that for proposals that almost made the cut, 
> perhaps the evaluations would reveal where a bit more work might push 
> them over the line for the next round - increase benefit/decrease cost.
> This is assuming there will be a next round.
> Any thoughts on round II?

I think we have to see how round I works out first ;-)

>   It would seem to be worth considering, given the level of interest.  
> It would, of course, have to wait until Java 8, but why not start early? 
> Surely you're busy with round I for now, but perhaps there could be a 
> parallel effort, with the initial effort primarily around email.

Thinking about and working on possible language is great fun of course, 
but I think in the near term the Project Coin list needs to focus on JDK 
7 related work.

> thanks for doing all of this,

It's an interesting project!


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