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Ruslan Shevchenko rssh at
Mon Apr 6 17:33:12 PDT 2009

 Good day,

Few days ago Stephan give idea about writing simple script, which
 count amount of possible-optimizations of existing code.

So, I wrote few checks for some of such entries. They count
low bound of number of code patterns, which can be optimized with
some of coin proposal and situated on distinct source lines.

I'm afraid that information, which come from count of such code patterns
can give incorrect direction:  when we have such patterns in code,
it's means that problem is not so big and we can easy live with one.
 Big language problems solved (or not) in non-trivial way, when we have no
common (may be ugly) workaround.
For example. in Java we rare will see BigDecimal.add()  because it is not
easy to work with BigDecimals, instead people work with double and have
with floating points rounding issues (see
Yet one example - choosing another language for implementing db-intensive
parts of projects.

Ok, you warned;  data still can be interesting:

Checked patterns was:
  string in switch
  instanceof switch
  byte literals
  multi catch
  loop by iterator, with call remove inside loop

 (if you want include other checks, you can add one at
 etc/checkers_coin.def or ask me [but without any warranty])

Exists one proposal, which I can't find on Joe blog: is change of variable
subtype inside 'if instance' statement
I. e. patterns look:
if (x instanceof something)
 something sx = (something)x;
And proposal tell type 'x' as 'something' inside dominate if block.
Are anybody remember such proposal or it's was my fantasy ?

Some results:

For jetty6_11: (web server)
byte literal    :       52
elvis   :       43
instanceof switch       :       8
loop with remove        :       0
multi catch     :       22
string in switch        :       19

For gwt-user (google ajax library)
byte literal    :       2
elvis   :       30
instanceof switch       :       6
loop with remove        :       5
multi catch     :       9
string in switch        :       10

For openjdk-jdk part: (system library)
byte literal    :       1245
elvis   :       725
instanceof switch       :       252
loop with remove        :       61
multi catch     :       349
string in switch        :       380

If you want to play with checks - most easy way is get special modified
distributive of JavaChecker, which I published as 2.5.0p0 and run it, i.e.
(assuming you on Unix console)

retrive distributive:


run installer:
java -jar JavaCheckerSourceInstaller-2.5.0p0.jar
 (install one from UI)

cd <where-you-install-javacheker>

vi build-check-external.xml, look at few last tasks at end


add own task and run one, as example:
ant -f build-check-external.xml check-coin-openjdk

Note, that speed of JavaChecker is far from ideal: openJDK-jdk
 processed near 50 minutes, so be patient ;)

Hope, this information can be useful, as one (and not main) of  sources.

Regards !

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