Helping to find the usefulness of a proposal

Paul Martin paul.martin at
Thu Apr 16 01:35:20 PDT 2009


Joe, Neal, and Reinier - many thanks for your replies.  I think that I
do understand the process much better now, and appreciate its goals.
I had actually considered just asking the question about named
parameters and/or just submitting a pre-proposal, which in hindsight
would probably have been more useful (maybe I'll update the existing
related bugs if necessary).

In particular, I hadn't really considered the following idea, but can
see that it is a valuable result of the process:

> ... Discussions on the list provide a
> public, archived record of the proposals, their analysis, and decision
> making to better inform current and future discussions.

Being able to see why changes were made and what was considered is
definitely a good thing.

Once again, thanks for your replies.



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