Syntax patterns: more statistics.

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at
Mon Apr 20 15:24:51 PDT 2009

2009/4/20 Ruslan Shevchenko <Ruslan at>:
> Main changes from previous post are:
>  - added counts for 'if' syntax constructions, so we can say, hom many
>  percents of if's can be eliminated by elvis operator ( [4-5]%)
>  - added counts for 'catch' syntax constructions, so we can say that
> multicath eliminate 6-8% of all catch clauses.
>  - added count for big integers integers (where undescore can be
> applicable, I guess this is x: x > 100000 || x < -10000) and for all
> integer literals.
>   (underscore can be applicable to near 1%)
>  - added count for object-switch proposal by Ulf Zibis (refining, that
> Left/Right part of expressions are first operand in equalirty expression
> or object in method call)
>  - added count for rethrow proposal by Mark Mahieu (near 50% of all
> catches in some packages (!) ).
>  - added count for catches inside finally block. (Is this is a real
> problem [?]).

Good work, and some interesting figures - multi-catch and elvis are
both higher than I would have guessed.


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