Syntax patterns: more statistics.

Ruslan Shevchenko Ruslan at Shevchenko.Kiev.UA
Tue Apr 21 00:08:41 PDT 2009

> Good work, and some interesting figures - multi-catch and elvis are
> both higher than I would have guessed.
Thanks. I also surprised by number of catches, which do only rethrow

 Trying to figure details, this is percents by packages:

	               Jetty    Gwt-user	hibernate	openjdk
elvis/ifs*100           5.63    4.08	         7.55            3.08
multicatch/cath*100     7.83    5.26             3.85            4.89
rethrow/cath*100        12.1    49.12            69.23           38.84

 Also (as I wrote in previous code) all libraries  (which I random get
from hard drive) are system libraries, so exists sense look at
application code.

Also some organizations does not like null-s in API (I read, that google
have such policy, but facts about gwt-user contradict this)

> Stephen

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