Automatic Resource Management, V.2

howard.lovatt at howard.lovatt at
Mon Apr 20 20:22:51 PDT 2009

I have a couple of reservations:

1. The use of try does not seem natural; it is too tied in my mind to  
Exceptions, can another keyword be used?

2. If we are using the specific block approach, eg try (...) {...}, then it  
does not seem natural that for each or similar closes the resource. If the  
approach used automatic closure of a resource at the end of the block that  
the resource was declared in, then for each etc. closing the resource would  
seem natural. I prefer that the resource is automatically closed at the end  
of the block and therefore for each etc. would naturally close at the end  
of their block also; but if the majority thinks a dedicated block structure  
is better, then I suggest that for each etc. are left out.

Having stated my reservations I would rather see the proposal, as is,  
included, rather than nothing at all.

Also thanks to Josh for putting so much effort into this.

-- Howard.

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