DISCUSSION: Bean/Data classes

Derek Foster vapor1 at teleport.com
Tue Apr 21 22:07:23 PDT 2009

I just wanted to voice some agreement to this sentiment. (And I REALLY want closures, so saying that some form of property support is more important is saying something!). Mostly, I want to never have to write a simple getter again. The are just clutter, and wasted time to maintain. (Setters, I can generally do without, since I prefer immutable classes.) I am amazed that after six revisions of the Java language that we still don't have support for some form of automatic generation of getters for simple properties.


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>Finally, I should say that of all the things Java lacks, I think 
>properties is the biggest - bigger than closures. The sheer amount of 
>wasted effort, lines of code, lack of consistency and sheer focus on the 
>low level detail rather than the high level abstraction is staggering. 
>It is IMO a far bigger hole in writing good Java apps today than 
>closures (or any other language proposal).

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