Syntax patterns: more statistics.

Bruce Chapman brucechapman at
Wed Apr 22 03:04:06 PDT 2009


I downloaded your tool and read through the documentation but it was not 
obvious to me how to look for my pattern, can I add one more request 
since you seem to be planning another "run" for coin please?

For the "PROPOSAL: Unsigned Integer Widening Operator"

could you please look for these patterns (bitwise integer and expressions)

$x & 0xff


0xFF & $x

where $x is an expression of type byte. (I would expect around 90% or 
more of the matches to be where $x is a byte array access expression, 
and most of the remainder to be byte variables, with most also being 
with the int literal on right hand side. I would not expecting you to 
distinguish 0xff from 255, but the pattern definately ONLY matches when 
anding with this value.



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