Statistics for E-Commerce system

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at
Fri Apr 24 16:36:10 PDT 2009

2009/4/24 Patrick Wright <pdoubleya at>:
> Since you didn't name the project, I assume this is closed-source?
Yes, its closed. One point I didn't mention, is that it is Java 5 based source.

> It's certainly useful to run this tool across all sorts of codebases,
> on the other hand, it's probably more useful for the group to run this
> against open source projects where any of us can open up the codebase
> and take a peek inside.
While being able to look at the source and see why particular pieces
of code are triggering particular language change proposals, its worth
pointing out that OSS is very different code.

OSS is typically library/framework code, closed source is typically
business logic. As shown in my figures, that can greatly affect the
kind of results you get. I'd also note that there is vastly more
closed source than open source. So, its the closed source code that
needs to be tackled by language changes.

(I'm not arguing that we shouldn't run it against OSS either! But I do
believe that closed source is in the end the primary interesting case)

BTW, I understand that James Gosling did similar analysis when
evaluating accessing lists/maps by array-like syntax.

The key is to obtain data points, which help Joe/Sun make decisions.

> And how many time require processing of all of this ?
The tool took less than an hour total, but split over the four runs.
The other figures required some Eclipse searches, so the whole effort
took a little longer.


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