Syntax patterns: more more statistics.

brucechapman at brucechapman at
Sun Apr 26 16:07:47 PDT 2009

Quoting Ruslan Shevchenko <rssh at>:

> Note, that with all checks users quite run slow, so may be have sense
> to
> run only checks you needed, not all.
> Some results:
> widening operator (semantics) : 10
> widening operator (syntax) : 20


The "widening operator (syntax)" check is not really helpful for the widening
conversion stuff. The "semantic" one seems to be correct. I suspect the "syntax"
one is also picking up a corresponding "encoding" operation corresponding to the
"decoding" operation which is normally being detected by the "semantics" check
(which is why the syntax value is very close to double the number for the
semantic check). To save processing time, please drop the "syntax" check.


And thanks very much for all your effort on this.


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