Points about language support for 292

Alex Buckley Alex.Buckley at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 30 15:55:11 PDT 2009

Neal Gafter wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 3:15 PM, Alex Buckley <Alex.Buckley at sun.com 
> <mailto:Alex.Buckley at sun.com>> wrote:
>     Neal: InvokeDynamic IS now a reference type. Regarding <..> to indicate
>     return type for a dynamic call site, how does C# denote that?
> It doesn't.  A dynamic invocation, from the point of view of C#, returns 
> a value of type dynamic.  The hoped-for return type isn't encoded into 
> the invocation.

The utility of a Dynamic type is high. The utility of values of Dynamic 
type is not high, in my view. Coin's support for 292 is limited, and 
does not include general manipulation of non-Java objects in the Java 
language. I respect that you believe the time has come for general 
manipulation of non-C# objects in the C# language.


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