General community and Process Questions (blog comment followups)

Noel Grandin noel at
Wed Aug 5 05:28:21 PDT 2009

If someone sets up a wiki and gives me edit rights, I'll trawl the
mailing list records and create some entries.

If nothing else, it should help to jump-start the discussions for Coin2.

(I was surprised to see that the openjdk website does not have a wiki -
I thought that came for free with hosting?)

-- Noel

Joseph D. Darcy wrote:
> Neal Gafter wrote:
>> Noel-
>> This is a great idea; it would certainly help casual observers to
>> follow the
>> status of the proposals and discussion.  That would also be useful as a
>> starting point for any future Coin-like project.
>> I volunteer to provide web hosting and software support if you'll
>> agree to
>> set up and maintain the Wiki based on the existing discussion record.
>> Please let me know.
> I can set up a wiki under, as done for the Da
> Vinci Machine Project (the JSR 292 RI).  However, I will not actively
> maintain a wiki so someone else would have to volunteer to do this
> work.  Additionally, one purpose of my Coin blog posts is to provide a
> lower volume way to track what is going on; posts under
> provide news of major
> developments and links to the latest versions of proposals, etc.
> -Joe


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