The Final Five (or so)

Ruslan Shevchenko rssh at
Mon Aug 31 03:51:32 PDT 2009

> I am hoping the "JSR-292 language support" does not include the # syntax.
> I
> think that's a very poor syntax since, I believe, most developers in the
> Java community see # as a natural future expansion to support
> static-binding
> to methods:
> Method m = #myMethod;
> The precedence is already set using javadoc (#method). Can't a different
> symbol be found?
> Paul

also note, that nothing prohibit from using '#' in both meanings in
future. (because starting sequence for row method name is #", not #);
static-binding to methods with #" names will start with two # symbols in
such case.

Method m1 = #myMethod;
Method m2 = ##"operator:+=";

//Of course, level of ugliness is question of personal taste.


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