Proposal: Enhanced String constructs for Java

brucechapman at brucechapman at
Mon Mar 9 13:39:42 PDT 2009


"NFW" ???   

Is it somewhat like the OMDB response I once got from Gilad?

OMG Sit Aprfools orrdy? Iv mist da coin dedln 4 my otha propOsls KTHXBAI


Quoting "Joseph D. Darcy" <Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM>:

> Felix Frost wrote:

> > The OMG ... DO NOT WANT string expressions allow for easier throwing
> > of runtime exception. This multi-line string
> > construct begins after OMG and end with DO NOT WANT. It converts
> > directly into "throw new RuntimeException("<string>");"
> > This string also supports the embedded emoticons listed above.
> > 
> NFW!
> -Joe

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