Notes on implementing concise calls to constructors with type parameters

Alex Buckley Alex.Buckley at Sun.COM
Thu May 14 16:57:40 PDT 2009

Ulf Zibis wrote:
>>> My guess is, that this problem could be managed by javac option 
>>> "-source 1.7", but I'm not sure if there are some reasons against this.
>> You're effectively suggesting that migration compatibility be dropped 
>> in JDK7. A language change of this magnitude is far beyond the scope 
>> of Project Coin.
>> Alex
> Yes, you got it. This is exactly what I wanted to say.
> This potentially would make constructs like
>   Cell<String> cs = new Cell<>(1)
> _superfluous_.
> My additional question was, if anybody has an idea, if that would break 
> some other things, I'm not aware of.

Obviously dropping raw types has an impact anywhere that type names can 
be used. Since that's every class, interface, and variable declaration, 
I'm not sure we need to spend much time calculating how it would affect 
people moving pre-1.5 code to 1.7 - it obviously stops them cold.

There is no point discussing an out-of-scope topic on this list.


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