JCK feedback on "Strings in Switch" proposal

Joe Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Tue May 19 14:52:42 PDT 2009


On 05/19/09 05:42 AM, Dmitry Miltsov wrote:
> Hello,
> The JCK engineers have reviewed the "Strings in switch" proposal
> and found one issue to clarify.
> "14.11 The switch Statement" states:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> ...
> Otherwise, execution continues by comparing the value of the
> Expression with each case constant. Then there is a choice:
> * If one of the case constants is equal to the value of the
> expression, then we say that the case matches ...
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> It would be good to clarify what "equal" means in case of the
> String values. It would be useful to mention that in this case
> the result of comparison will be "expression.equals(constant)",
> not "expression == constant" as for other types.
I think that would be a fine note to make in a discussion comment.

> We have no special comments on testability of this feature.
> The JCK team will develop conformance tests for it.
> Thanks,
> Dmitry Miltsov, JCK engineer



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