For further consideration, round 2

Joe Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Wed May 27 15:52:23 PDT 2009


The first group of proposals selected for further consideration were

   * Strings in switch, Joe Darcy
   * Improved Exception Handling for Java, Neal Gafter
   * Automatic Resource Management, Josh Bloch
   * Improved Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation, Jeremy Manson
   * Elvis and Other Null-Safe Operators, Written by Neal Gafter and 
submitted by Stephen Colebourne
   * Simplified Varargs Method Invocation, Bob Lee

After due deliberation, and next set of proposals meeting the Project 
Coin criteria for further consideration are:

   * Logically a combined proposal for better integral literals:
       * Byte and Short Integer Literal Suffixes, Bruce Chapman
       * Binary Literals, Derek Foster
       * Underscores in numbers, Derek Foster
   * Language support for JSR 292, John Rose
   * Indexing access syntax for Lists and Maps, Shams Mahmood Imam
   * Collection Literals, Joshua Bloch
   * Large arrays (revised), James Lowden

All the selected proposals were reviewed and judged to have favorable 
effort to reward ratios and to preserve the essential character of the 

Work should continue refining the selected proposals and producing 
prototypes.  In particular, a unified proposal for integer literals 
should be produced.

Language change proposals not on the combined "for further 
consideration" list will not be included in JDK 7; there is no need for 
continued discussion about them on the Project Coin mailing list. 
Detailed rationales for why particular proposals were not selected will 
not be provided.

Final selection of the five or so proposals to be included in the 
platform will occur within the next few months.



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