closures after all?

Mark Mahieu markmahieu at
Fri Nov 20 14:52:53 PST 2009

Me too, since I haven't yet seen anything regarding extension methods  
other than one blog mentioning them by name, and hundreds of Twitter  

Personally, I'm keen for something like ARM to be in JDK7, as I'm  
currently contemplating 12 months of 'cleaning up' a nearly 10 year  
old system written in Java; right now the main use it's likely to find  
is in refactoring thousands of methods to remove their bug-ridden,  
money-wasting boilerplate by 'twisting' it into a before-after  

That's why I'd like to know, if possible, whether an implementation of  
the current spec is likely to appear soon. If it's not, then that's  
fine; I'll know to put one together myself to investigate my perceived  



On 20 Nov 2009, at 22:02, Bob Lee <crazybob at> wrote:

> Neal,
> I get it now. My fault. I still prefer the simpler interface-based  
> approach.
> Bob

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