list literal gotcha and suggestion

Paul Benedict pbenedict at
Tue Oct 6 10:22:19 PDT 2009

It's a good question. Reinier, what do you think it ought to print?

I thought someone once suggested maybe literals should always be
assigned a variable. The suggestion is interesting. In terms of
actually using the language feature, inlining values into methods may
not be a very valuable language feature. I see the inlining to be used
more for reference data held in storage.


On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 11:45 AM, Reinier Zwitserloot
<reinier at> wrote:
> Nobody has yet answered my original question:
> What does:
> System.out.println({{1, "One"}, {2, "Two"}});
> print? Looking at visual basic for syntax advice is not a good idea.
>  --Reinier Zwitserloot
> On 2009/06/10, at 18:28, Paul Benedict wrote:

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