Proposal: ARM and SuppressedException

Frédéric Martini frederic.martini at
Mon Sep 7 02:50:18 PDT 2009

Hello (and sorry for my poor english),

I've juste reading the most recent version of the proposal :
And I've a suggestion about the suppressed's exception.

Instead of adding addSuppressedException()/getSuppressedExceptions() to
throwable, we can use the "initCause" to store the suppressed exception.
For example by adding a method like this on Throwable :

    public void addInitCause(Throwable suppressedException) {
        Throwable t = this;
        while (t.getCause()!=null) {
            t = t.getCause();

So we have not need to modify the printStackTrace()'s method, the
suppressed's exception will be added at the end of the initCause...


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