Project Lambda: Java Language Specification draft

Rémi Forax forax at
Fri Jan 29 05:18:30 PST 2010

Le 29/01/2010 13:46, Zdenek Tronicek a écrit :
> Hi Remi,
> System.nanoTime() is not very suitable for performance tests because
> neither Unix nor Windows have resolution of 1ns. The resolution is
> typically 100-1000 times lower.
> So, I changed System.nanoTime() to System.currentTimeMillis(), increased
> the size of the list to 1000000 (million), and looping through get() is
> faster than looping through Iterator. Difference is approx. 7%.
> (On Windows XP, Intel).
> Z.

This is not what David Holmes says:


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