Hmm... Suppressed Exceptions are Throwables[]

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Thu Sep 30 00:51:18 PDT 2010


Paul Benedict said the following on 09/30/10 11:44:
> I just happened to notice the incongruity of having
> getSuppressedExceptions() not being Exception instances -- but
> Throwables. The return type is correct but the method name is slightly
> misleading. 

If not for Java naming style it would be "exceptions" with a small 'e' 
which always means any kind of exception instance ie anything that is an 
instanceof Throwable.

> has a notion of a "root cause," turning "suppressed exceptions" into
> "ancillary" or "secondary" causes would be a better inline with
> current documentation.
> Throwable[] causes = t.getSecondaryCauses();

But the suppressed exception is NOT a cause of the exception being thrown!

David Holmes

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