Hmm... Suppressed Exceptions are Throwables[]

Paul Benedict pbenedict at
Thu Sep 30 06:22:12 PDT 2010

> If not for Java naming style it would be "exceptions" with a small 'e' which always means any kind of exception instance ie anything that is an instanceof Throwable.

I totally disagree. I read the javadoc of Throwable at least twice
before composing my first email. The documentation goes out of its way
to avoid using the word "exception" and talk strictly about
"throwable" objects. This getSuppressedExceptions() method is simply
out of place in the class' documentation. Can you think of some other
alternative names?

> But the suppressed exception is NOT a cause of the exception being thrown!

Well, of course. That would be the initial cause. But you can talk
about ancillary causes ... secondary effects.


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