Difference parsing from String and byte literal

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at oracle.com
Wed Apr 13 14:47:02 PDT 2011

On 4/13/11 1:08 PM, carsten.zerbst at groy-groy.de wrote:
> Hello all,
> thanks for the answer. I was not aware that one
> need to add the L even for binary notation.
> Bye, the way, I'm currently using java.runtime.version=1.7.0-ea-b137
> and not all things mentioned on the Project Coin page do compile.
> E.g. catch-with-resource and multiple catch do not work yet.
> Is there #1 a list when these features will be available or #2 a
> VM option to switch them on ?

All the Coin features should work well in builds as recent as b137. We're using 
them in the JDK itself. If you're building from the command line you don't need 
any compiler or VM switches to enable them. If you're using NetBeans, you may 
need to change the source-level to 7 to enable the new features. The default 
source-level in NB is 6 (at least that's what it was in the NB 7 betas).

Also, the Coin features have evolved, so it could be that you're looking at 
examples that used to work but which are no longer allowed. Could you send a 
pointer to the examples that aren't working for you so that we can make sure 
they get updated?



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