IDE support for Project Coin

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at
Thu Apr 21 18:45:06 PDT 2011

FYI, all of NetBeans, IntelliJ, and Eclipse have some level of support 
in progress for Project Coin's language features.

The recently released NetBeans 7.0 [1]  has support for all the Coin 
features.  As explained in its release notes [2], beyond just 
recognizing the features in the editor NetBeans 7.0 provides 
auto-completion to diamond and gives hints to apply the new features to 
existing code.

As previously announced for IntelliJ IDEA [3], the builds of IDEA 10.5 
EAP (early access program) [4] provide similar quickfix support.

Finally, an Eclipse branch [5] is hosting their efforts to support 
Project Coin.

As JSR 334 is not quite done yet [6], I'd expect the IDEs to be updated 
after JSR 334 is completed to account for any specification changes made 
in the interim.

Happy hacking,



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