FYI, JSR 334 finale!

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at
Tue Jul 19 00:49:34 PDT 2011


Slightly more than eight months after its JSR review ballot was first 
filed, JSR 334 has just successfully passed its final approval ballot. 
Along with the other portions of the Java SE 7 umbrella JSR, the 
language changes done under JSR 334 are now officially part of the Java 
SE platform, the first Java programming language changes since JDK 5 
shipped way back in 2004.

Thanks go to the members of the JSR 334 expert group for their service, 
to the langtools team at Sun and Oracle for their integral participation 
in Project Coin and JSR 334, and to the interesting proposals and 
thoughtful comments on the coin-dev alias.

I'm looking forward to Java programmers being able to use the new 
language features and to the additional changes that may come with 
"coin, the flip side" in JDK 8.


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