ARM and thread interruption

Mike Clark mclark at
Tue Mar 15 16:57:09 PDT 2011

On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 8:02 PM, Joe Darcy <joe.darcy at> wrote:

> Hello Mike.
> After due consideration and after consulting with the concurrency mavens on
> the JSR 166 expert group, the JSR 334 expert group has decided it is
> sufficient for the specification of the AutoCloseable type to strongly warn
> against having AutoCloseable.close throw InterruptedException at runtime.
>  Additionally, javac and other compilers may warn against declaring an
> AutoCloseable.close method which throws InterruptedException.
> Thank you for raising this issue; regards,
> -Joe

Hi Joe,

Thanks.  All things considered, I agree that the documentation note is a
reasonable response to this issue, given its scope.   In the context of
larger systems, thread interruption seems to degrade to being a "best
effort" tool anyway, rather than a tool with hard and fast guarantees.

best regards,

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