Last coin improvement stamped into place; mailing list transitioning to an archive

joe darcy joe.darcy at
Fri Apr 10 18:02:25 UTC 2015


Three rough edges in JDK 7's Project Coin were identified for 
improvement in possible future work:

     * Accepting @SafeVarargs on private methods [1]
     * Using a final or effective final variable in a try-with-resources 
statement [2]
     * Allowing the diamond syntax with some anonymous class 
constructors [3]

As previously discussed [4], these improvements have been worked on in 
JDK 9 as part of JEP 213 [5]. The third and final of these features, 
diamond syntax with some anonymous class constructors, has been 
implemented and is now available as of JDK 9 build 59:

Please give the new feature a try with your own code and report any 
issues to compiler-dev AT

With the last remaining rough edge now the smoothed out, I declare 
Project Coin is well and truly done and I'll formally transition the 
coin-dev list to an archive that will not accept any new messages.

Happy coding,


[1] JDK-7196160: Project Coin: Allow @SafeVarargs on private methods,

[2] JDK-7196163: Project Coin: Allow final or effectively final 
variables to be used as resources in try-with-resources,

[3] Project Coin: diamond and anonymous classes,


[5] JEP 213: Milling Project Coin,

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