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Thu Jan 8 13:20:51 PST 2009

Hi Jon,

RFC 3986 Appendix D describes the additions and modifications vs. 2396.
Basically 3986 tries to make things clearer. They say there have been a lot of discussions and different interpretations of 2396. (Sounds like JME fragmentation to me ;-)
A new ABNF was used, IPV6 literals added.. URI normalization and comparison was rewritten.
Clarification of reserved and unreserved characters. Support for an empty path component were added.
6791041 & 6791060 seem to be non-public. Will this change soon? I were not able to find them on
If there is more information available on 6791041 I could look for potential interpretation issues in the implementation vs. 3986 spec.

I should have a new isRelativeURI Monday latest. Would be good to know what 6791041 is about by then.

For the missing FileNotFoundException in JavacFiler I think the clearest solution is to explicitly check for file existence in the method. 
Something like:


FileObject fileobject= ...

if(!new File(fileobject.toURI().exists())
     throw new FileNotFoundException();

Unfortunately this would include another creation of an URI object but FileObject.getName() only returns a "user friendly" file name which I understand is not necessarily useable for a File-Object creation.
The fileobject involved in getResource & createResource is actually a with a File object as field. So another solution would be to either expose this File object or add an exists() method to RegularFileObject which delegates the call to file Object and cast the FileObject to a RegularFileObject. (too ugly I believe).


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Betreff: Re: AW: [Patch] 6502392 Invalid relative names for Filer.createResource and Filer.getResource


First, some updates.
1) 6791041 has come in, which reports a specific instance of a user encountering the issue you have been looking at. Specifically,
the submitter is affected by the "quick and dirty" check in isRelativeURI.
2) I have filed 6791060 against

It sounds like you are reasonably familiar with the RFCs involved here. If so, can you briefly summarize any relevant differences
between RFC 2396 (used by and RFC 3986 (used by JSR 269 and Filer.)

-- Jon

On Jan 6, 2009, at 8:21 AM, Emil Siemes wrote:

Hi Jon,

true, the code actually does things which would belong into Reason for this is that JSR269 requires compliance with path-rootless rule of RFC3986 whereas supports the older and obsolete RFC 2396. Basically I was afraid of relying on the old implementation but that can be changed of course.
Given the limitation of the actual URI implementation it might be tricky to achieve compliance with the JSR269 requirements without parsing URI.getPath(). Dot-segments are not allowed as relative path names in JSR269 but are fine for the URI class. The current implementation calls URI.normalize().getPath() which actually removes dot-segments and therefore doesn't throw an exception. 

Given your feedback I propose I rewrite my code in a way that it relies on and does a quick check on the path. May be I can compare URI.getPath() and URI.normalize().getPath() to find out if any dot-segments are part of the path. I'll check and let you know.



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Betreff: Re: [Patch] 6502392 Invalid relative names for Filer.createResource and Filer.getResource


Thank you for looking at this, and for your patch.

I do not understand why 6419701 is not public. I am trying to find out why it is not..
The bug itself is about the use of URI.create, not about the use of isRelativeURI..

I'm not sure that your patch is warranted (or arguably, the correct fix).  Your patch certainly 
contains functionality that on the face of it would better belong in and not 

The way I read the code in JavacFileManager, isRelativeURI is not intended to be a full and 
complete implementation of checking whether a URI is path-rootless. Instead, it is used in 
exactly 3 places, and always in conjunction with URI.create.  JavacFileManager is assuming 
the full syntax checking is done by URI.create, and is just using a simple impl of 
isRelativeURI to distinguish relative URIs from absolute URIs created by URI.create.

6419701 is about removing the use of URI.create -- presumably because it is mildly icky
to create the URI object just to check whether a path string is a valid URI.  So it seems 
to me that there are two ways to take this issue:  
1) Rewrite isRelativeURI to take a String argument and thereby avoid the use of URI.create
2) Wait for URI to have some better method for checking the validity of a path without
actually constructing the URI object.

I guess that I dislike JavacFileManager having code for detailed parsing of URIs, and so
I think the current impl is better, of using URI.create to check the syntax of a URI, and
then apply a quick check as to whether it is absolute or relative is better.

Or am I misreading the situation or perhaps missing some subtlety in your proposed code?

-- Jon

Emil Andreas Siemes wrote: checks if a name fulfills the requirements of relative names:

"A relative name is a non-null, non-empty sequence of path segments separated by '/'; '.' and '..' are invalid path segments. A valid relative name must match the "path-rootless" rule of RFC 3986, section 3.3.."

This is done via the isRelativeUri() method. Unfortunately this method doesn't currently really check for path-rootless compliance. A patch with an improved method is attached.
When eventually supports RFC 3986 the need for isRelativeUri() goes away. I would also like to propose to rename isRelativeUri() to isRF3986PathRootless() which would more clearly describe what the method does.

There is a comment in JavacFileManager in a couple of lines:
//FIX ME 6419701
but I don't find bug 6419701 in the bug database. Any thoughts?




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