Mailing lists for specification of enhanced metadata in Java SE 8

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at
Fri Aug 17 12:31:40 PDT 2012

I am pleased to announce that the enhanced-metadata-spec-discuss list 
has been created:

Below is some text summarizing the background and purpose of this list.


Oracle submitted JEPs in 2011 for features which enhance the metadata 
declared in, and available to, Java programs:

- Access to Parameter Names at Runtime (JEP 118)

- Repeating Annotations (JEP 120)

These features change the Java language, JVM, and java.* API as part of 
the Java SE 8 Platform Umbrella JSR (337) led by Oracle.

Work on specifications for Java SE JSRs may now take place in the 
OpenJDK Community, per the OpenJDK Terms of Use [1].

The OpenJDK Compiler Group has sponsored a mailing list, 
enhanced-metadata-spec-discuss, for discussion of the design and 
specification of these features.

Contributions to the list are licensed for evaluation and comment only. 
You can post modified versions of contributions found on the list back 
to the list or to other parts of the OpenJDK web site that use the same 
terms. Material contributions require the OCA to be signed. Please see 
the OpenJDK Terms of Use FAQ [2] for more information.

Feature implementation will be discussed on compiler-dev and hosted in 
the jdk8/tl forest.


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