[PATCH] Re: jar launcher not able to handle -march=nocona

Petteri Räty betelgeuse at gentoo.org
Wed May 30 20:06:16 UTC 2007

Dave Bristor kirjoitti:
> Hi Petteri,
> This looks like an issue for the build-dev at openjdk.java.net list.  Could
> you try posting there?
> Thanks,
>     Dave

Nope this is a bug in java_md.c

I have no idea why that code is duplicated in those two files. I guess
the hotspot version is never run during the build because fixing the
j2se one was enough to make the issue go away. So far I haven't had any
problems running junit tests with openjdk compile using
-fomit-frame-pointer but we shall see. The patch was built with input
from Ian Rogers and Diego Pettenò.

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