Is third party code included in langtools sources?

Yulia Novozhilova Yulia.Novozhilova at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 5 17:12:12 UTC 2008


Could you please, help me to answer a question:
Is third party code included in langtools sources?
If "no" then _why_  the THIRD_PARTY_README and ASSEMBLY_EXCEPTION files 
are included into the repository?

Actually I'm working on the Debian/Ubuntu native packaging for NetBeans 
NetBeans uses javac that is a fork of the langtools repository:

So I have to create a debian package for it.  The problem is that Debian 
policy is strict about license:
I must point the license for each file in the upstream source (files 
from langtools repository). Currently I can't explain why
THIRD_PARTY_README and ASSEMBLY_EXCEPTION are in the upstream. Are there 
any files that need them?

Thanks in advance,
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