Is third party code included in langtools sources?

Yulia Novozhilova Yulia.Novozhilova at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 18 12:00:31 UTC 2008


Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> The more obvious question for me is why NetBeans needs a fork of this
> in the first place.  The Debian OpenJDK team have already gone through
> the extensive task of verifying this code legally to package OpenJDK
> 6, which is now in unstable and testing:
> Having another copy in another package seems ludicrous and a
> duplication of existing work.
There are users who want to use NetBeans but don't want to install openjdk.
(you can find an example here:
They already have sun-java6-jdk installed and expect NetBeans to work on 
That is why NetBeans needs a fork of the code included into openjdk.


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