CFV: Josh Bloch to Membership in the Core Libraries Group

Iris Clark irisg at
Thu Feb 12 19:37:47 UTC 2009

Greetings, voting members of the Core Libraries Group!

I nominate Josh Bloch to Membership in the Core Libraries Group.

Please cast your vote by replying, publicly, to this message with

Vote: yes


Vote: no

as the first line of the message body.

You may, at your option, indicate the reason for your decision on
subsequent lines.

Votes must be cast in the open; votes sent as private replies will
not be counted.

Votes are due by midnight UTC next Thursday, 19 February, after which
time the votes will be tallied and reported to this list.

Only Members of the Core Libraries are eligible to vote on this
decision.  The current Members are:

    Alan Bateman
    Christopher Hegarty
    David Bristor
    Doug Lea    
    Iris Clark
    Jeff Nisewanger
    Joe Darcy
    Mark Reinhold
    Martin Buchholz
    Pete Soper
    Peter Jones
    Xueming Shen

core-libs-dev moderator

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