Should Lance be a member of the core libraries group?

Lance J. Andersen Lance.Andersen at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 27 18:36:58 UTC 2009

Alan Bateman wrote:
> Iris Clark wrote:
>> Hi, Alan.
>> Before I consider initiating the CFV, I have one question.  Is JDBC 
>> really considered part of "Core Libraries"?  We want to make sure 
>> that "Core Libraries" does not become the catch-all for APIs that 
>> don't belong anywhere else.
> You are right and that is the real question. It would be extending the 
> scope because JDBC isn't really related to any of the feature areas 
> currently listed on the group page.
Originally when we rolling out the content for core-libs pages I had 
sent JDBC info for inclusion on that page last March.  It made sense as 
I dotted line report into the core libs manager.

It was decided in previous discussions that JDBC did not warrant its 
own  group on OpenJDK and why i had sent the info for inclusion on the 
core libs page.
>> As far as I know Lance already has all the privileges necessary to 
>> enhance JDBC, including commit rights.  What additional benefits 
>> would becoming a member of Core Libraries confer on him?
> Yes, I believe he has push-rights so this isn't an issue.  I'm sorta 
> the messenger here, not the campaign manager :-)  so I'll have to 
> defer to Lance on this.
This is a core Java API as everything talks to a database so it should 
have a voice/home in OpenJDK :-)

> -Alan.

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