Review request for 5049299

Michael McMahon Michael.McMahon at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 9 16:28:17 UTC 2009

Martin Buchholz wrote:
> In the old implementation, we used the strategy of
> fork+mutate environ+execvp
> and we got the traditional shell script semantics
> from our use of execvp.
> Since environ is now a global shared-with-parent variable,
> we can't mutate it any more, therefore can't use execvp,
> and must implement the missing execvpe ourselves.
> Now, strictly speaking, execvp's traditional shell script semantics
> is an unspecified implementation detail of execvp;
> on other Unix platforms we might not need this. 
> We can leave this to, e.g. the BSD porters reading this,
> to add some #ifdefs.
Ok, got you.
> (It would also be good if you ran the updated tests on
> Solaris with the old implementation to confirm my understanding)

I'm just building it now, and will run the test then.


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