MessageUtils JVM crash

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Thu Jun 18 08:52:17 UTC 2009

Marc Schoenefeld wrote:
> :
> Even if there is a security manager, you need still to make sure that no
> privileged code (having access rights to sun.*)  forwards tainted data
> to the
> vulnerable sun.* functions. 
> Until 2007 you could use the sun.misc.MessageUtils.toStderr bug to
> reliably crash OpenOffice in the OObase startup database/script
> by calling sun.* via HSQLDB (CVE-2007-4575) .
> [...]
> SELECT * FROM "FirstTable"
>    WHERE ID="sun.misc.MessageUtils.toStderr"(NULL);
> To my knowledge Java in Openoffice still does not use a security manager
> in all places yet, so this problem was fixed by blocking arbitrary
> class access in HSQLDB.
> So the intention is to finally fix the root cause, instead of
> furthermore allowing this to cause trouble in unexpected places :)
If there isn't a security manager then there aren't any checks and so 
code can do any manner of nasty thing. We can fix sun.misc.MessageUtils 
and that solves that specific issue but it doesn't stop code calling 
System.exit to terminate the VM or using public APIs to delete your 
files. I'm not familiar with how OO uses the runtime but preventing it 
from running arbitrary code sounds right.

Lillian - are you taking this one with a view to getting it into 
jdk7/tl/jdk? (I wasn't sure if you were looking for someone to take it).


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