MessageUtils JVM crash

Lillian Angel langel at
Thu Jun 18 14:07:24 UTC 2009

Alan Bateman wrote:
> Marc Schoenefeld wrote:
>> :
>> Even if there is a security manager, you need still to make sure that no
>> privileged code (having access rights to sun.*)  forwards tainted data
>> to the
>> vulnerable sun.* functions.
>> Until 2007 you could use the sun.misc.MessageUtils.toStderr bug to
>> reliably crash OpenOffice in the OObase startup database/script
>> by calling sun.* via HSQLDB (CVE-2007-4575) .
>> [...]
>> SELECT * FROM "FirstTable"
>>    WHERE ID="sun.misc.MessageUtils.toStderr"(NULL);
>> To my knowledge Java in Openoffice still does not use a security manager
>> in all places yet, so this problem was fixed by blocking arbitrary
>> class access in HSQLDB.
>> So the intention is to finally fix the root cause, instead of
>> furthermore allowing this to cause trouble in unexpected places :)
> If there isn't a security manager then there aren't any checks and so 
> code can do any manner of nasty thing. We can fix 
> sun.misc.MessageUtils and that solves that specific issue but it 
> doesn't stop code calling System.exit to terminate the VM or using 
> public APIs to delete your files. I'm not familiar with how OO uses 
> the runtime but preventing it from running arbitrary code sounds right.
> Lillian - are you taking this one with a view to getting it into 
> jdk7/tl/jdk? (I wasn't sure if you were looking for someone to take it). 

Yep, I can get it committed.


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