Miscellaneous improvements to "jar".

Martin Buchholz martinrb at google.com
Thu Jun 25 02:34:50 UTC 2009

Hi jar team,

I have a bunch of minor improvements to

Toby and Xueming, please review.

Warning: the index code has not been maintained for many years.

Xueming, please file a bug.

Synopsis: Miscellaneous improvements to "jar".
- Use standard jdk coding style for javadoc
- Don't create a temp file for jar index in STORED mode.
- Don't use synchronized collections.
- Fix javac warnings.
- Don't define new names for things like INDEX_NAME;
  use static import instead.
- more efficiently compare special file names in update mode.
  Update mode should be measurably faster.
- make CRC32OutputStream a nested class.
  refactor crc32.reset and updating entry into CRC32OutputStream.
- Fix apparently benign bug updating n in CRC32OutputStream.write(byte[],
int, int)

Evaluation: Yep.



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