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Regarding this IAE issue, another approach might be given non null Comparator 'c':


if(c.getClass().desiredAssertionStatus()) {

  throw new AssertionError(".....");



Then there is no compatibility problem,no need to add a new switch to the JDK, and the coder gets smacked with an error.


Jason Mehrens

>The JDK project has unusually high compatibility concerns.
>I and Josh believe the introduction of a possible IAE if the
>comparator doesn't satisfy its contract is the right thing,
>but we'd also be willing to change the code to swallow the IAE
>or to do so conditionally based on the value of a system property.
>Keep in mind that a call to foreign code can throw any throwable at all,
>so a rogue comparator can cause arbitrary behavior even today.
I>t's up to Sun/CCC.

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