Gap Buffer based AbstractStringBuilder implementation

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at
Fri Nov 20 18:48:19 UTC 2009

Am 20.11.2009 18:30, Osvaldo Doederlein schrieb:
> Hi Goktug,
> The same problem happens in other buffer-like APIs. In one project I 
> had to re-implement ByteArrayOutputStream, copying the source code 
> from the JDK but just adding a method that returns the internal array, 
> because I was using it for moderately large buffers, doing this 
> several dozens of times per second, and the cost of copying data was 
> significant. It's worth notice that in some cases when I can predict 
> exactly the size of the buffer, I can use that trick even if I don't 
> want any extra bytes in the resulting array.

Also having java.nio.ByteBuffer#clear(byte[]), ...#reset(byte[]) would 
allow to fill existing Buffer with new data, without having to always 
instantiate new object by ByteBuffer.wrap(byte[]).


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