review request for 6798511/6860431: Include functionality of Surrogate in Character -> use scenarios

Xueming Shen Xueming.Shen at Sun.COM
Mon Sep 7 18:27:27 UTC 2009


sun.text.normalizer might not be a good example, it is "independent 
third-party" package we licensed. Usually
we try our best to keep this kind of package as-is, for maintenance 
reason, you don't want to make the trivial
update allover the places again and again whenever there is a version 
upgrade. Yes, I did make some modification
when dropped in the package when I was the owner years ago, that was for 
functionally better fit with the rest
of the code and mostly for better performance (especially faster 
startup). You should be able to "smell" that is
part of the icu4j, so it has its own utf16 handling:-)


Ulf Zibis wrote:
> Looking deeper in the classes you can find many use scenarios.
> E.g. class sun.text.normalizer.UTF16 more ore less is a duplicate of 
> sun.nio.cs.Surrogate.
>> I'm not saying we can NOT add isBMP() (I know icu4j's UCharacter 
>> class does have one), just
>> believe it's arguably not necessary.
>> Same as the pair
>> -- static char highSurrogate(int codePoint);
> --> sun.text.normalizer.UTF16.getLeadSurrogate(int char32)
>> -- static char lowSurrogate(int codePoint);
> --> sun.text.normalizer.UTF16.getTrailSurrogate(int char32)
>> -- CharBuffer.putCodePoint(int)
> Maybe it would be better to add appendCodePoint(int cp) to 
> Charsequence, of something similar.
> See: sun.text.normalizer.UTF16.append(StringBuffer target, int char32)
> See: java.text.CharacterIterator.CodePointIterator
> -Ulf

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