What methods should go into a java.util.Objects class in JDK 7?

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at gmx.de
Thu Sep 10 09:43:45 UTC 2009

Am 10.09.2009 01:54, Stephen Colebourne schrieb:
> There is also a case for methods to convert arrays of wrappers to
> arrays of primitives.

- I guess, you mean also vice versa
- Maybe would become superfluous, if HotSpot internally would compile to 
primitive arrays. (just a raw thought)

19) re-usability of java.nio.Buffer (saves multiple instantiation):
- X-Buffer#clear(x[] buf); clears all pointers
- X-Buffer#reset(x[] buf); only resets pos to mark (maybe limit to array 
size), allows to process different data in same/similar/synchronous manner.


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