Patch for JTreg test java/net/MulticastSocket/

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Wed Sep 23 10:23:33 UTC 2009


two-lines patch for regression test 
java/net/MulticastSocket/ is exposed at

The test machine (where this test fails) has six network interfaces, but 
only two of them, namely eth2 and virbr0, can be used to send multicast 
packets. But the test does not check interface attributes and tries to 
use _ALL_ network interfaces (excluding loopback device, of course) to 
send and then receive multicast packets.

It fails, but the failure message depends on current network interface 
order (order is not guaranteed) returned by 
NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces(). Patch check, if the given
network interface is able to send multicast packets.

I think, the patch could be applied to OpenJDK6 too.

Pavel Tisnovsky

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