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In addition, I think that having an open-source micro-benchmarking
> library for this purpose would be very helpful. It might not be
> perfect or all-encompassing, but it would allow researchers and
> tinkerers a base on which to test their own code, and on which to base
> arguments of "improvements" to the current libs. In essence, it would
> be like saying that the OpenJDK is written as it is because it works
> well in these standard benchmarks, and if someone thinks they have
> improvements, they have to prove it against the same benchmarks that
> Sun/Oracle has used for their own decision-making.
> There is/was a Sun project I mentioned on another JDK thread, Japex
> (search online) which is a test harness for micro-benchmarking.
> Perhaps something like this could provide a standard benchmarking,
> with records of historical results, into which different tests could
> be plugged. I don't have any reason to prefer Japex over Caliper or
> another framework; in general I think that a framework that could take
> care (at least) of isolating the warm-up phase, taking and recording
> measurements, etc. would be better than people starting from scratch
> in main() each time they write a benchmark.

FWIW, this is a very accurate depiction of our goals for Caliper and the
reasons why we're making it.  Development has been proceeding in fits and
starts (presently: it's throwing a "fit"), but we intend to keep at it until
it has become a very useful tool for you and others who do this kind of

If you'd like to keep tabs on our development -- possibly even help? (dare I
dream?) -- please drop me a line and I'll add you to our mailing list!

Kevin Bourrillion @ Google
internal:  http://go/javalibraries
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