Review request for 6926663: incremental modules build support

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Fri Jul 2 22:54:37 UTC 2010

Alan, Kelly,


It in fact contains 2 fixes:
1. integrate the latest jdk modularity fixes from jigsaw repos
    - add modules target in the top forest makefile [1]
    - support SKIP_BOOT_CYCLE=false modules build [2]
    - fix a couple of bugs in the launcher [3]
    - add JDK_HOST_PATH to support cross-architectural modules build [4]
    - cleanup on the modules.config and module names in makefiles

2.  incremental modules build support to ease jdk development
    - the changes are mainly in make/modules and 
make/tools/classanalyzer files.

    The modules build includes two main steps:
    a. run the class analyzer tool to assign classes and resources in 
the jdk modules and analyzes their dependencies
    b. modularize the build output and create a module library 
containing the jdk modules

I created a new tool com.sun.classanalyzer.Modularizer to do the files 
copying in step 2.  Both ClassAnalyzer and Modularizer will process 
classes/resources files that are updated since the previous build.  The 
jdk build will update a new file submodules/.modules.update if classes 
are recompiled, a library is rebuilt, or a file is installed in the jdk. 
  The modules build will use the timestamp of .modules.update file to 
determine if it should do an incremental or do a full modules build.



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