Timer death

Pawel Veselov pawel.veselov at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 00:08:06 UTC 2010

> Florian Weimer said the following on 07/14/10 23:25:
>> * Pawel Veselov:
>>> The fact that I catch any Throwable around the code that threw the
>>> OOM error didn't particularly help. The error was logged, but the
>>> timer thread still died.
>> By definition, a VM which throws an Error (or even
>> VirtualMachineError) is unstable and needs to be restarted.  The
>> description of VirtualMachineError makes that pretty clear.  You
>> cannot even know that the thread that triggers such exceptions is
>> responsible for their actual cause.
> An OutOfMemoryError for the Java heap does not fall into that category. OOM
> is a transient failure in many circumstances.

Not to be a nag here, but VirtualMachineError javadoc says "Thrown to
indicate that the Java Virtual Machine is broken or has run out of
resources necessary for it *to continue operating*.", and
OutOfMemoryError extends VME. It is true that it is a transient
failure in many circumstances, but if its impossible to find out, for
an application, what the circumstances and implications are, along
with whether these errors are even being thrown around, what should
the application do?

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