hotpot run two many bytecodes when startup

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Fri Jul 30 13:13:46 UTC 2010

David Holmes wrote:
> Hi,
> Try comparing the list of classes that gets loaded. This is a library 
> issue not a VM issue (so I bcc'ed hotspot-dev). The folks on 
> core-libs-dev (cc'ed) will have a better idea on the startup process 
> for the class libraries.
> David Holmes
As David suggests, then running with -verbose will let you see the list 
of classes that are loaded. Their static initializers might give you an 
idea on the code that is running. There are lots of tools that you could 
use to investigate it further. For something really quick, then look at 
the simple method tracer in demo/lib/jvmti/mtrace.


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